About Us

Our Story

It all started with a vision to create an inviting space that goes beyond serving great coffee and pastries. Reza and Faranak, with their commitment to excellence, initiated a delightful makeover. From improving the decor to reimagining the menu, every change was made with the aim of providing an exceptionary experience to our community and guests.

Coffee & Bakery

Our dedication to quality extends to the coffee we serve- we exclusively use Agro coffee bean, ensuring a rich and flavorful brew that captivates the senses. Our bakery takes pride in crafting treats from scratch with love and care. Whether it’s a custom birthday cake or an assortment of delicious pastries, we tailor each creation to make your dream celebration a reality.

Our Team

On our journey at Cup & Bun, our team isn’t just a group of employees – we’re family. Led by the passion and dedication , each member brings a unique blend of skills and warmth to our cozy coffee shop and bakery. Get to know some of the friendly faces who work tirelessly to make your experience memorable: Faranak, the heart and soul of our establishment, Genie, our talented baker whose creations never fail to delight. alongside Chihiro, and Bahar, who pour their love into every cup and pastry.